A few words about us.

Stellarix is a global research and analytics company, with particular focus on the practice of Critical Innovation. Our exceptional research proficiency and analytical depth help us blend non-traditional and conventional consulting approaches to deliver business breakthroughs.

We specialize in the field of Intellectual Property, Technology and Market Research. Our distinct mix of knowledge in various verticals enables us to provide custom made solutions at every stage of product development, from ideation to marketing.

We help our clients in maximizing their ROI through opportunity identification, strategy development, leveraging deep domain expertise, engineering excellence, flawless execution and an extensive delivery model.


Our domain expertise

These are present domains where we deliver our services.


Food Technology





Metals and Mining


Biomedical devices


Oil & Gas


What process we follow

Our process involves every step to ensure we deliver what our clients have asked for; in the best possible timeline and cost. During the whole life cycle of a project, we maintain transparency with our client to ensure both sides are on the same page.

  • Conceptualization

  • Brainstorming

  • Execution

  • Refining

  • Finalization

What we do

“We are proud of what we have done and curious of what can be done”

Our products are based on three disciplines – Patent Research, Market Research and Technology Research. Together they become our force multiplier and allow us to deliver problem specific solutions to various corporations, research institutes and law firms.


We strive to provide services designed to assist you in quality and insightful legal analysis. Our roster of Patent services includes all types of prior art searches, patent prosecution support services, patent litigation support services and patent analytics. Our Patent Services give our clients an edge in the market by incrementing their productivity and capabilities.

Patent Analytics

Through our patent analytics services we support R&D heads, patent managers, and patent attorneys of various corporations to address several critical questions pertaining to IP. We have extensive experience across multiple domains to transform the most elaborate and complex technical information into easy insightful analysis. Our project reports provide detailed analysis, visualization and interpretation of data to support strategic Intellectual property decisions.

Patent Landscape

At Stellarix, we consider competitive positioning in terms of technical innovation before devising a comprehensive patent landscape strategy. Our landscape reports enable our clients to understand how their R&D programs and IP strategies stack up vis-à-vis their competitors to make better strategic business decisions.

Our team of experts consists of patent analysts, engineers and PhDs who perform rigorous data mining, data analysis and data visualization to generate a patent landscape report. We also provide a very interactive and user friendly interface called PatBoard™ which allows the user  to view the patents by technology clusters with advanced data mining and dynamic graph/chart/map plotting features.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Any company looking to improve its patent position is faced with two alternatives: increase the number of patent filings; or grow the percentage of patents generating value.  A Holistic IP Lifecycle approach favors the latter option.

In the evolution towards higher-quality IP, we recommend establishing a baseline of the current state of your patent portfolio as the first step.  This involves developing a taxonomy or framework for sorting the portfolio into relevant technology and market categories, then providing the context for the patents in those areas with respect to competitors. Only when all patents have been analysed and classified in this way will it be possible to make fully informed decisions about the management of the portfolio as a whole and of patents individually. Our reports will give you thorough insight into what is in your portfolio or your competitors’ portfolio and will help you to strategize your R&D investment with your patenting activity.

If our clients desire, we also perform more detailed analysis of portfolio to understand how the patents map to products by performing Patent to Product Mapping or Product to Patent Mapping.

Prior Art Searching

Stellarix provides all kinds of patent and non patent search options to various corporations and law firms for effective management of innovation. We execute various  prior art searches such as patentability/ novelty, validity/invalidity, freedom to operate/clearance, infringement analysis etc. Some of the search databases that we use are Thomson Innovation, Questel Orbit, Derwent, Espacenet, STN, CAS, National patent office databases, regional patent office databases, google, Science Direct, IEEE, Scirus etc.

Novelty Search

A Novelty/Patentability search is conducted to determine if an invention meets the requirements of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness and is performed prior to the preparation of patent application. We try to position the invention within the relevant technical field as reflected in the patent literature and non patent literature. The application process helps to strengthen the invention against issues of validity. We conduct patent searches in a global jurisdiction and look up in various patent and non patent databases.


We conduct these searches to find prior art that may have been overlooked during the patent examination so as to render a patent invalid. With our strong scientific and patent expertise in patent searching, we try to identify whether the claims of a particular patent are valid or invalid when analyzed and compared to the prior art available on the date of filing.

We conduct comprehensive text based, classification based, assignee-inventor based, and citation based searches for patents on various professional patent databases and non-patent prior art searches on multiple literature and journals.

Freedom to Operate

An FTO search is conducted to position client’s product within the relevant technical field as reflected in the patent literature. This helps our clients determine potential barriers to a product in specific territories before launching the product in those specific territories.

State of the Art

Our State of the Art Search services are sought by clients who wish to identify the status of any current developments in their technology of interest. We identify patents and non patent publications, and the key players in particular technology for all such clients.


Infringement Analysis identifies the products whose technology infringes the technology of the client’s patent. We regularly work with the corporate giants to help them figure out products that may be infringing on their patent portfolio.

Structure Searching

We conduct these searches for clients whose inventions pertain to specific chemical compounds or entities. It is difficult to cover patents disclosing chemical structures of interest with keyword alone because patents write a chemical formula or IUPAC name differently. Hence we run such searches in a specialised database called STN (REGISTRY, MARPAT).

Sequence Searching

Stellarix conducts these searches to identify specific nucleotide/ gene / protein sequences or amino acid sequences. It is difficult to find relevant results based just on keyword searches because novelty lies in the unique combination of nucleotides and amino acids. We perform these searches in specialized sequence search databases such as DGENE, PCTGENE, etc.

Watch Services

Technology Patent Watch Services: Stellarix offers Technology Patent Watch Services to clients who need to keep a track of the latest developments in their technology of interest by keeping an eye on latest patent filings. We perform efficient technology watch and quality analysis of the patents to identify various business opportunities.

Legal Status Patent Watch Services: Stellarix performs legal status patent watch for clients who need to keep a check on legal statuses of their competitors’ patent applications so that they can accordingly change the R&D and patenting strategy. These services are also used by clients who wish to keep a check on patents that have been abandoned/ rejected/ expired within a technology so that they can freely exploit the technology without any legal threat.

Competitor Patent Watch Services: Stellarix offers Competitor Patent Watch Services to clients who need to monitor and track the patenting activity, and determine the focus of their R&D strategy. The analysis of all such patents helps in determining the key focus areas of research in future.

Market Watch Services: Stellarix offers cost-effective and efficient market watch services to its clients to enable them keep track and current happenings in a particular technology or corresponding to a particular player.

Patent Preparation

We, at Stellarix understand that ideas and innovations are critical to the growth and success of any company. Patents are vital assets for inventions that must be identified, nurtured and guarded for their absolute value to be realized. Stellarix offers customized, affordable patent support services that translate invention into high quality enforceable patents to cover every aspect of the invention.

Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is the art of techno-legal writing to cover various features of an invention in a written form. Our team, at Stellarix follows a comprehensive and a meticulous approach to encompass all aspects of the invention, including current and future designs and applications, ensuring complete protection. Our team of lawyers, engineers and scientists assist the clients for complete patent specification drafting and claim drafting for inventions from various technical field. The patent specifications drafted, conform to the standards and requirements of the jurisdiction (US, EP, WO, India) where the client plans to file the application.

Patent Drawing

The drawings/ illustrations form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention. The team at Stellarix has experience working on illustrations from all technologies, in compliance with Patent and Trademark Office specifications. We are equipped to receive and process requests in various formats including rough sketches, photographs or images, CAD files etc. Stellarix is equipped with state-of-the-art software and secure delivery system to import and produce formal illustrations in CAD Format. Our patent illustrations are in accordance with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and other major patent offices. We provide formal drawings, which comply with 37 CFR 1.84.


We understand that reaching out to right B2B and B2C audiences is very critical for making informed business decisions. To reach these customers and business leaders, we offer high quality and comprehensive research solutions. Through our advanced profiling techniques, we target and survey hard-to-reach B2B and B2C audiences at home on the go.

Primary Research

Primary research is the elemental offering of Stellarix and we believe that it is the core of the market research industry. It took us years of experience to build the network and the relationship with the stakeholders and KOLs across various industries around the globe. Our primary research capabilities have been trusted by world’s leading research firms, consulting firms and business intelligence firm.


Stellarix has expertise in conducting CATI interviews globally. We offer B2B and B2C surveys, In-depth interviews and opinion polls. Our moderators have domain expertise around various sectors like IT, healthcare, FMCG, automobiles, telecommunication and merchandise. We manage everything for our clients, right from designing the study to analyzing the information gathered through CATI interviews.


Stellarix’s extensive experience and relationship with the different industry experts has allowed us to create a vast network around the globe with customers, key opinion leaders and various stakeholders in different domains. We use this network and our online panel to conduct online interviews for our clients. We work with our clients from designing the study to launching it online and getting the target surveys complete in the given timeline.


We have worked with many clients to deliver some large scale face to face projects. Our dedicated team of moderators has ample expertise in conducting various face to face interviews including on-street interviews, door to door interviews, exit surveys, in store interviews, in home interviews.     We also have a dedicated team of recruiters who dedicatedly recruits hard to reach audiences for face to face interviews.


Focus groups are the best way to get some valuable insights from the industry experts. We at Stellarix, have an in house staff of trained recruiters and domain expert moderators and report writers who have vast experience of conducting focus groups.

Business Research

Stellarix has always believed in untangling the growth for our clients and business research is one segment where we amalgamate our expertise of financial research, consumer feedbacks, primary research and competitive intelligence to answer a business issue for our clients. We help our clients through business research to understand the current trends, the position they hold in the market and how to improve that position.


We identify the competition, we understand the competitors, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor and we support our client to understand the competitive landscape and in knowing what their competitors are doing.


We dive deeper in the business to understand and analyze competitor’s business, their decision making process, their stakeholders, market strategies deployed, intelligent insights on mergers and acquisitions and other data required to evaluate the business of a company. We amalgamate our experience of desk research and primary research skills to create an elaborate company profile.


Stellarix has always supported the clients in their exceptional growth and business strategies with our fact based market assessments. Market assessment, if done in depth can support strategic planning, business development, sales force deployment and business growth.


SWOT analysis is widely used in planning, problem-solving and while taking the key decisions across the business functions and while cultivating a new business strategy. Our researchers have extensive experience in performing SWOT analysis across multiple domains. We eliminate all the blind spots detrimental to a business to help our clients navigate and implement a sound strategy for their business.


Market segmentation strategy helps our clients maintain a dominant position in a niche market. Our domain experts work on principle of understanding what customers’ needs are, how consumers decide between the products, what the lifestyle of the consumers is and thereafter, a successful market segment is generated for the clients. We employ several statistical techniques to do the segmentation analysis like Clustering algorithms, Statistical mixture models, Ensemble approaches and few more approaches like Neural Networks.


Market Sizing is the best method to analyze the prospects of a market. We at Stellarix, support our clients in understanding the potential of their product or service in the market. Our expertise in the business research and vast database resources enables us to provide intelligent insights like the total size of a market, the competitors in the market, availability of similar products in the market and the future trends in the market. We use both “bottom up approach” and “top down approach” depending on the client needs and specification, to analyze the market size.

Competitive Intelligence

Stellarix has been reasonably successful in spotting the risks and opportunities with our intelligence process and have helped many of our clients to adapt to changing market trends. In delivering CI, we join the dots around a series of markets, competitors and brands. Our expertise around building relationship with the stakeholders and carrying out informal conversation to dig out some useful insights of various market trends and competitors has been the key differentiator that we have created over several years.

Our intelligence process works around a series of markets, competitors and brands. We carry out the complete analysis of markets, competitors’ offerings, their ecosystem and the external factors affecting their business. This intelligence process builds an early warning capability so that our client doesn’t miss the business opportunities.


We have assisted our clients in creating, adaptable long-term future plans. Our analysts combine the driving forces identified by their experience and research potential with the geography, demographics, political and industrial information to build dynamic scenarios that can assist our clients to have a strategic-advantage in this globalised environment.


Stellarix has always believed in giving its clients, cost-effective methodologies that can deliver growth-driving insights. Win/Loss Analysis is one of our cost-effective offering where we help our clients to understand why one opportunity was won and another one was lost that gives them deeper and more accurate insights.


We, at Stellarix have been successful in giving our clients a competitive advantage in the market. Our domain experts do the intelligent synthesis of the information gathered around the market, competitors and brands to produce some actionable information for our clients that can be useful while making the business decisions.


We help our clients to create a distinctive place and value for their brand in the market. We build a position strategy for our clients with our expertise in primary research and secondary research which helps our client to understand the key differentiators that they possess. We identify the brand image, competitors, positioning of competitor brands, Client’s USP, opportunities in the market and deliver an idea which is distinct and can be valuable for our client to create a marketing strategy for their brand.


We aim at looking across a wide range industries to find out technology components that are synergistic when bundled together to deliver a superior solution. We use numerous knowledge databases, leading edge strategic technical insights and innovative thought processes to look across a broad range of disparate industries to uniquely identify technologies and technology combinations that addresses clients’ problems in a competitively advantaged way. Stellarix has a proven track record for uniquely identifying technology-based solutions to important and difficult business issues

Technology Scouting

Since technology and product knowledge have become so globally distributed, companies have started to look outside their own R&D departments for sources of technology and innovation what is now known as “Open Innovation”. Many research oriented companies evaluate the trends across a technology landscape before venturing for R&D in any specific technological field. It makes it easier for these companies to identify the technology areas that have major competition and also those which are relatively free from any competition whatsoever.For any organisation that strives to achieve this, technology scouting has become an essential tool for them. Our tech scouting and open innovation solutions help our clients venture into new technology areas.

At Stellarix, we assist corporations in understanding the markets involved in a particular technology and the latest developments pertaining to the technology area. We carry out technology analysis to help such clients, take critical decisions and device strategies involving the R&D of a product.

White Space Analysis

In a world where every company wants to be on the forefront of innovation, the need to explore underserved markets or businesses that are outside their core becomes all the more important. A white space analysis helps to uncover these unmet and unarticulated needs to create innovation. This kind of analysis is done to find technology voids where competitive advantage can be gained by bending the R&D in a particular direction so as to block other competitors exploiting those spaces.

Our white-space analysis provides the charts showing the technology growth and white-gap areas where further R&D can be done to carry out incremental innovation for the development of a new product. Our team at Stellarix builds upon a Landscape analysis and determines where the gaps in patented and non-patented literature are.

Competitive Intelligence

 It’s much easier to launch new products or design marketing campaigns if we know what our competitors’ plans are. To give our clients a competitive edge in the market, our team strategically monitors their competitors, within a specific marketplace and helps them find external intelligence, business information and internal intelligence.. Some of the solutions we provide are competitor profiling, business model analysis, competitor benchmarking, market opportunity analysis, monitoring and forecasting. Our analysis, recommendations and implications enable businesses to make the most of the market opportunities, counter competitive threats, maximize profits and increase market share.


Solid Planning

Unplanned and random execution of a project can turn into a complete disaster. To ensure flawless quality, we do extensive brainstorming to design the plan of action for each project.

Multi-layered security

We understand very well that we deal with extremely sensitive data. We guarantee confidentiality with legal and IT security framework. Any audit to prove our claim is most welcome.

Dedicated support

Our work place operates for 24/5 but we break our rules to be at your disposal. Project of any length or worth will come with a dedicated single point contact.

Full transparency

During complete life cycle of a project we share our progress with client. Suggestions and feedback always helps us deliver better with no surprises at the end.

Full manual work

Number of companies in our space are using artificial intelligence fully or partially for document analysis. We believe that by doing so will put project accuracy and decisions at very high risk. In Stellarix we say no to machine analysis. That’s the way we like to work.

Full Customisation

We are different and so are our clients. We adapt to our client’s requirement to shape our strategies and deliveries. For client with no specific choice we have our own standard representation.

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Here in Stellarix, we speak your language. Deep level documents inspection and interviews in non-english countries are handled by language experts. For some languages we have partnered with consultants.

Multiple domains

We are in business of research in multiple domains to cater needs of various Industries and for that we have highly qualified researchers.

On time delivery

We are fully aware of short timelines available to our clients and are committed to honour that time limits. We will do everything possible to fulfil our promise of quality and timely delivery.


  • "This appears to be a very impressive, high quality service."

    US Tech Giant
  • “I was particularly impressed by the additional thought that went into the relevance categorisation. This shows that your reviewers used good patent judgment as well as their key word analysis in assigning patents to the two categories.”

    DAVID J. GROVESUS Electronic Measurement Company
  • “Thank you for the excellent work. It helped us a lot”

    New York Attorney

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