Global Digital Rights Management Market- 2015 to 2025

Global Digital Rights Management (DRM) market is anticipated to witness substantial growth, particularly in the North American region, during the forecast period. The growing need to prevent privacy owing to the increase in illegal distribution of digital files drives the growth of DRM market. The requirement of setting rules with respect to each file transferred or uploaded digitally and to make people pay for the content legally makes digital rights authenticity a necessity.

With the growth in digital rights market, content providers are expected to receive revenue generation opportunities, which make the growth favorable. DRM enables more than one user to share the same document over the internet, making legal file sharing a better experience for the users. Moreover, with technological advancements in this field, smart devices can be connected to each other through DRM. Major companies are associating with the various SME’s & MSME’s to cater to the needs of the customers. The adoption of Universal Serial Bus (USB’s) and Bring your own device (BYOD) technologies create the further trend in the digital rights arena.

Despite factors which promote growth in the market, cyber attacks and lack of common standards to develop DRM poses restraints to the market growth. The secure delivery of content such as audio and video over the internet is subjected to heavy piracy which challenges the adoption of this technology. Further, lack of trustworthy computing devices also poses growth challenges to the market. But the growing internet usage and increasing usage of smart devices create ample opportunities. Increasing huge investments in wireless technology sector create opportunities for growth in this market.

The digital rights management market is segmented into an application, industries, end user, and deployment mode. Applications include mobile content, Video on demand, mobile gaming and E-books. Industries include healthcare, music, education, law, BFSI, software, printing & publication and television & films. End users include SME’s and large enterprises. Further, deployment mode includes On-Premise and On-Cloud. Region wise segmentation includes North America, followed by Europe, APAC, MEA and Latin America.

Key market players in the digital rights management market include Microsoft, Google, Apple, Ericsson, Akamai, Adobe, Intertrust, Conax, Irdeto, OMA, Viaccess-Orca, Neulion, and Verimatrix. The players compete in the environment which is dominated by innovation, cost, feasibility and adoption capabilities.

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