Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market- 2015 to 2025

Rising demand for healthier and palatable dairy products owing to the increasing health consciousness among buyer groups is expected to drive the global dairy processing equipment market. A shift in consumer needs, preference and taste from raw to processed dairy products is expected to propel the market growth, particularly in Asia Pacific region, over the forecast period.

Increasing consumer demand for fortified dairy products such as whey proteins and casein promote milk processing. Growing consumer preferences for processed milk and milk products over raw products owing to the emergence of the high-income urban population drives the dairy processing equipment market. The requirement for low fat, organic and nutrient fortified dairy products, owing to consumer requirements, is expected to increase with time. Abolition of milk quota by various governments across the globe is expected to support dairy processing market growth. Increasing efforts to decrease the production cost of processed milk and gain profitability is anticipated to increase acceptability of processing equipment and technology. Acquisition of automated equipment including ultra-filtration machine, dryers, and evaporators in processing plants promote market growth.

High perishability of dairy goods and requirement of precise infrastructure for storage & preservation is expected to create hindrance in market growth. Further, excessive waste generation from processing plants and requirement of better technologies for preservation creates barriers for the market. But an increase in revenues for small-scale suppliers and creation of off-farm jobs open new avenues.

Dairy processing market is segmented into type and application. Type includes pasteurizers, homogenizers, separators, evaporators & drying equipment, membrane filtration equipment and churning equipment. Further, an application is classified into processed milk, cream, milk powder, cheese and protein ingredients. Regionally, the market is classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the world (RoW). India, Australia, and New Zealand are expected to dominate dairy products exports across the globe.

Leading market players include IDMC Limited (India), GEA group (Germany), SPX Corporation (US), Tetra Laval (Switzerland), The Krones group (Germany), Alfa Laval (Sweden), IMA group (Italy), Scherjon Dairy Equipment Holland B.V (Netherlands), A&B process systems (US) and Feldmeier Equipment Inc (US). Rising number of participants in this market is likely to strengthen the competitive scenario. Price, quality, and durability of equipment are expected to drive competition.

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