Global Curved Television Market- 2015 to 2025

Global Curved Television Market is expected to achieve considerable growth, particularly in Asia Pacific region over the forecast period. The demand for sophisticated electronics will experience boost on account of shifting customer ideologies towards image quality, size, and features provided by the products. Furthermore, this can be linked directly to the increasing living standards in developing nations and psychological attraction towards features provided by these products.

With numerous design and technological innovations, consumer expectations are expected to increase towards features such as wider screens, image sharpness, ultra high & high definition resolutions, reduction in reflection, higher contrasts and more colors. Additionally, the aforementioned factors pose as strategies for television manufacturers across the world. The curved televisions have a longer life, lower operational costs, are environment-friendly and energy efficient than its competitors, making them hold a superior position in the television market.

Despite its features which guarantee significant growth, the curved television’s high price is anticipated to act as a barrier for its in-depth penetration owing to growing investments in technologies such as organic LED. Increasing prices owing to the customer expectations is expected to boost the investment requirements in R&D and strategy, which further poses a challenge to the market growth.

The curved screen market can be segmented into screen size and sector. Screen size can be divided into the large screen (105 inches and above), mid-sized screen (55 inch – 85 inch) and small screen (below 55 inches). Furthermore, the sector can be classified into commercial and residential. The product has profound usage in on-site marketing in commercial setups such as retail stores, shopping malls, airports, and hotels.

North America accounts for the highest share, followed by Europe. Asia pacific is expected to witness significant revenue growth over the forecast period, particularly in the regions of India and China. The Chinese manufacturers are engaged in offering high-quality products at low prices Korean firm Samsung Electronics is one of the leading players in the global market. The competitors include AV Optronics, LG Electronics, Toshiba Co. Ltd, Panasonic Co. Ltd, Sony Corporation, Haier Corp. and Sichuan Changhong Electronics.

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