Process of rebirth and reincarnation – A patentable subject matter?

Reincarnation, by Webster dictionary means, rebirth in new bodies or forms of life, especially a rebirth of a soul in a new human body.

We did our bit of study to understand the active science behind reincarnation. There are people who believe that laws of physics could support reincarnation.

One such article has proposed “The quantum theory of reincarnation” which has tried to relate reincarnation with much popular sting theory in physics. An article published by Ian Stevenso and Jan Ehrenwald in Journal of Nervous and Mental diseases has summarized twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation. Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson is from the University of Virginia, and has investigated many reports of young children who claimed to remember a past life.

This was the time for us to look at any patent art that could support any invention in the field of reincarnation. Surprisingly we got some patent publication in this area.

titled “Process of reincarnation” has suggested that his invention has resulted from his combining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Second Law of Physics, though there is no description of best methods of reducing the invention to practice.

Another patent application US20090105616A1, claims sustaining and prolonging life without dying, death, torture, reincarnation, or being reborn in the flesh using a soft cloth device.

Yet another US published application US2003152907A1 suggested an invention which combines God’s gift of reincarnation with love resulting in immortality.

The legal statuses for all three patents were abandonment of application for failure to respond to office action sent via USPTO, which means they will not be granted, but the question which is left out open is does reincarnation forms a patentable subject matter at all?

Well, I really wish such sciences should remains with God, as human intervention in some areas could prove lethal. Are you with different opinion?

Harit Mohan

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