An unforgettable day with team in Jaipur

5th of March, Saturday was action packed day for the team. Today, we were heading to kill the stress and to strengthen the team bonding. With our sun glasses on and hats flying in air we were all set to go to first office team trip to Jaipur. The itinerary was exciting and exhaustive, full of fun and adventure. The environment in the van we hired was electrifying. Songs were on high volume, all of us were cracking jokes and laughter and chills were all around.

Our team arrived Amber Fort by car, the views were simply stunning. There was a palace at the bottom of the hill with a big courtyards, garden and museum within. After spending couple of hours there we went to Jaigarh fort further up hill.  The fort was equally good and has history behind every nook and corner. Jaigarh fort also contains the world’s largest cannon on wheels.  That has been used just once and it is said to have fired covering a distance of whooping 22 mile at that time. The views were amazing and the architecture even better planned. What an amazing sight to behold. I will try to upload some of the hundreds of photos we took.  The Palace was alive with tourists, touts, entertainers, elephants and monkeys.
After the palace we headed into the Jantar-Mantar. The Jantar Mantar is a collection of architectural astronomical instruments. The next hour we visited The City Palace which is home to the King of Rajasthan who is called The Maharaja. The old city is divided in to a grid system where trades specialize in certain districts and all of the buildings are painted pink – hence the name The Pink City.

With hunger striking us bad, after the Palace we headed into Chokhi Dhani, the replication of ethnic Rajasthani Village serving delicious food.

A real Rajasthani village culture in fun, entertainment, games, thrill, shopping, Rajasthani diet, folk dance , music and much more to look… to feel… to breathe… to taste… to experience…. this was an experience to the Royal culture of Indian history. Warm hospitality in line with the Rajasthani tradition of “Padharo Mhare Des” and “Ram-Ram Sa” transported us to the era of Thakurs, the village lords.

We really enjoyed this beautiful Pink city. We wish to have more such trips in near future as well.

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