Patent Landscape Analysis – Manual or Machine Based

Patent landscape studies are extensively done to realize the crowded areas, white spaces, key players and R&D activities and many more insight can be drawn. The landscape study typically includes analysis of a set of patents ranging from few hundreds to a few thousands in number. The analysis can be done either manually or through software based program.

Between the two methods, manual analysis is always considered to be more accurate. However, if the patent set to be analysed is in thousands then it may takes few weeks or may extend to a month to categorize the patent set. In order to save both time and money, few databases provides automatic clustering tool. They claim that the tools of the database will automatically cluster the patent set and will help to save both time and money of the user.

But which one is preferred ?

To know the preferences/answers of the users we ran a poll on linkedin and It reveals a very interesting results for us.

Following graphs shows that more than 70% of the voters prefer manual clustering as they do not trust on the accuracy of the categorization.

As there are many dvantages of manual analysis of patents, like:

  1. In-depth analysis of the patents: A complete study of each of the patents is done instead of an analysis based on only some of the keywords.
  2. Comprehensive Taxonomic levels: An in-depth study helps in developing comprehensive taxonomy which helps in intensive research in lesser time at the clients’ end.

So, at Stellarix, we conduct a comprehensive, manual analysis of each of the patents relevant to the technology. The Landscape analysis reports are presented on collaborative platforms and embedded with business intelligent charts.

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