MOSAID Files Wireless Patent Infringement Litigation

Lots of companies are finding it quite moneymaking business to spend more time in the courts than in the research labs. Just a few days ago Red Hat received $4.2 Million in a settlement from FireStar Software. Now it’s Mosaid’s turn.

MOSAID ,world’s leading intellectual property companies focused on the licensing and development of semiconductor and communications technologies has initiated wireless patent infringement litigation against 17 companies including Canon, Dell, Digi International, Huawei, Intel, Lexmark Marvell Semiconductor, Realtek Semiconductor, Research in Motion etc. The suit was filed on March 16, 2011 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

MOSAID believes that these companies have infringed and continue to infringe MOSAID’s patents by making and selling products that comply with or implement the IEEE 802.11 family of communications standards, known as Wi-Fi.

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