Implicit Networks now targets Red hat and VMWare

To my interest, Implicit Networks (a small Seattle-based company with few contacts, if any, in California), is again in the news. They have filed yet another patent infringement lawsuit against the big shots.

Though they have already sued many in the past like Intel, AMD, Sun Microsystems, Raza microelectronics, Real Networks and Microsoft but it seems like they do not want to stop. To add more to their defendant’s list , this time, they have picked Red Hat and VMWare as their defendants.

According to Implicit, both Red hat and VMWare are found to be infringing on its patent US 6,324,685 and US 6,976,248.  Wherein

US 6,324,685 – discloses a method in a server computer for providing applications to client computers, and

US 6,976,248 – discloses a method for managing requests to a server computer for applets in a client server environment.

However, these patents are not new to the litigation industry. Tracing back their history, it came to my notice that these patents were earlier used against Sun microsystems in 2008. Sun defended the case and filed for invalidity of these patents. According to Sun’s plea, “Implicit Networks is a patent holding company that makes no products and whose principle and only business is licensing and enforcing patents”.

Many interesting things are disclosed under the document. Download the complete document, if you need. Lets see, whether Red hat and VMwire are going to defend themselves or are ready to pay the damages.



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