Case Study – Bio-Sequence – Antigen

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a bio-sequence search for an antigen to be coupled with a specific carrier. Client A major global drugs and vaccines maker What Stellarix did A preliminary patents search was conducted in free databases like NCBI (US) , EMBL (European) and DDBJ (Japan) in order to develop…

Case Study – Structure Search – N-substituted Quinoline Derivative

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a chemical structure search for an N-substituted quinoline derivative. Client A US based specialty chemicals manufacturer. What Stellarix did A basic understanding of the structure was developed. Based on the understanding of the structure, the backbone of the structure was identified and a structure query was…

Case Study – State of the Art – Vigabatrin

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a State of the art study on vigabatrin to identify its different modes of administration and the impact they have on the efficacy of the drug. Client A pharmaceutical company based out of Germany. What Stellarix did A thorough understanding of drug’s background is done regarding…

Case Study – Novelty – Ingredient in Pet Foods

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a patentability search for use of a “specific ingredient” in pet foods Client A global pets food manufacturer based out of USA What Stellarix did Developed an understanding about the invention by an active discussion with the client and his research team Key features and search…

Case Study – Invalidation – Blu ray Disk

August 28, 2015

Search Brief To conduct a search and find references relevant to the subject patent USXXXXXXXX which talks about data storage on a blu ray disk in general Client A consumer electronics company based out of Japan What Stellarix did Concept Development The patent was segregated into concepts and keywords and…

Case Study – Patent Landscape – Join dissimilar metals without filler

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a patents landscape to identify techniques to join dis-similar metals without using a filler material. The case in point was to identify techniques to join aluminium with other metals and metal oxides without using any filler materials in the joint. Client A US based welding equipments…

Case Study – Patent Landscape – Breath freshening agents in Pet Foods

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a patents landscape to identify all breath freshening agents and products that can be used in pet food which are effective when used for dogs and cats. Client A major global pet’s foods manufacturer What Stellarix did A patents search was carried out on Thomson Innovation…

Case Study – Patent Landscape – Home Security Automation

August 28, 2015

Research Brief To conduct a patents landscape study to shortlist all patents related to automation of home security systems. Client A US electronic equipments manufacturer What Stellarix did A detailed patents search was conducted on Thomson Innovation consisting of keywords, class codes and assignee-inventor searches for worldwide jurisdictions without any…

Case Study – Patent Landscape – Graphene Coating

August 28, 2015

Objective To conduct a patent landscape study with a focus on graphene coating applications on metallic substrate using various coating deposition techniques for an advanced semiconductors company based out of US Approach A thorough understanding of technology is developed to understand different application areas and sub segments of the technology.…

Case Study – Patent Landscape – crash durable adhesives

August 28, 2015

Objective To conduct a patent landscape study on crash durable adhesives with a focus on structural adhesives and their bonding properties for an Automobiles manufacturer based out of Germany. Approach A background search was conducted to identify companies that are working in the area of crash durable adhesives and their…


Global Dairy Processing Equipment Market- 2015 to 2025

June 19, 2017

Rising demand for healthier and palatable dairy products owing to the increasing health consciousness among buyer groups is expected to drive the global dairy processing equipment market. A shift in consumer needs, preference and taste from raw to processed dairy products is expected to propel the market growth, particularly in…

Global Bio-Pesticides Market- 2015 to 2025

June 16, 2017

Increasing immunity of pests towards the traditional pesticides makes bio-pesticides a necessity. Increasing demand for organic food, done using bio-pesticides, can be anticipated owing to the growing awareness about healthcare. Further, food security for growing population is a major factor which drives the bio-pesticides market.

Global Curved Television Market- 2015 to 2025

May 24, 2017

Global Curved Television Market is expected to achieve considerable growth, particularly in Asia Pacific region over the forecast period. The demand for sophisticated electronics will experience boost on account of shifting customer ideologies towards image quality, size, and features provided by the products. Furthermore, this can be linked directly to…

Global Beauty Products Market- 2015 to 2025

May 19, 2017

Global beauty products market is anticipated to witness substantial growth, particularly in the regions of Brazil, China, India, and Russia. This can be attributed to the increasing geriatric population, global air pollution, and growing use of tobacco & alcohol. The emergence of an upper middle class in developing countries brings…

The Quintessential Tool to Accelerate Innovation

August 31, 2015

Introduction In a world where technology and product knowledge have become easily accessible, technology firms need to look outside their own R&D departments to find sources of new technologies and innovations. It no longer seems possible for any company to innovate alone. But how could such companies successfully identify the…