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Cloud computing is a future technology which is going to figure a big technological revolution for this world. Big MNC giants are working and doing Research and Development in cloud computing. It is a technology in which shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices and utility over a network.

Let’s check this Patent Battle of cloud computing among big Tech giants of the world.

Last year Apple’s victory in the Patent Law suit against mobile phone maker HTC when an international Trade Commission favoured and judged that HTC devices infringed on two Apple Patents.

“A Texas-based company known as H-W Technology has sued Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Verizon, Expedia, Priceline,, and 20 other companies and sister companies, claiming infringement of a single patent.” US patent number 7,525,955 – covers an “Internet protocol (IP) phone with search and advertising capability.” It was filed in March 2005 and granted in April 2009. In its suit, H-W says the patent covers systems running on smartphones and other similar devices that let users “receive information and offers from merchants and to complete a transaction with one of said merchants without having to generate a voice call.”

In the other Law suit Twin Peaks Software in California files the Patent Infringement Law suit against Red Hat Inc.


There is a battle field in the war against different Tech companies in the field of Patent of cloud computing. Since cloud computing is going to be a future technology which when will be available for the common man all over the world will let MNC’s to make lot of money and do business globally. The Information Technology Portfolio will change. This will let everybody to be connected and access their data from any device all over the world. The business of Smart phone, Tablet Pc, Laptop and Storage Device will be more global. The war of Cloud computing Patents is just the beginning and will not stop till it is going to have a saturation point. But anyways WITH THIS WAR OF PATENTS OF CLOUD COMPUTING IN THE PATENT BATTLE FIELD IS GOING TO BENEFIT CONSUMERS WHO ARE THE END USERS AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE COMING TECHNOLOGY.

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