Yoshiro Nakamatsu – The Thomas Edison of Japan

After writing all my previous blogs on relatively austere subjects, I decided to write something more cheery, yet technologically fascinating.

This week’s blog talks about the exploits of Yoshiro Nakamatsu – Japanese gadget king who holds the record for bagging maximum number of patents. It was only until lately that I learned that the greatest inventor of all time is not only alive, but still working hard in Japan. His name? Yoshiro Nakamatsu. This guy caught my attention when I saw a trailer of a film based on his life – “The invention of Dr. NakaMats”. Check out the video.

To think outside the box, he almost drowns himself in his swimming pool and writes down the flashes of ideas he has on his waterproof notepad.

Let’s have a look at some of his most interesting inventions:


The Floppy Disk

Nakamatsu, or Sir Dr. NakaMats (which is what he prefers being called as instead) – whose biggest claim is the invention of floppy disks has raged controversy between IBM and Nakamatsu. While he claims to have received a Japanese patent in 1952, IBM claims that its own team of engineers had developed the device in 1969. Here’s the patent application to account for that – JP52011008.

The fancy front gate of Dr. Nakamtsu’s house is shaped like a floppy disk.

But to void any disputes, IBM signed a series of licensing agreements with him later – around a dozen patents were licensed is what Nakamatsu claims himself. Due to the confidentiality reasons, no one knows if he even got any royalties for his proclaimed invention. We might never get to know if he was the real inventor of the floppy disk or not.


Waterproof Notepad

Like I said before, Dr. Nakamats gets his best ideas underwater. He believes that too much oxygen is not good for our brains, and our brains are most active when we deprive them of oxygen to an extent that we are almost 0.5 seconds away from death. That is when our brains flash a streak of temporary insights. Hence, he invented a special waterproof Plexiglas notepad for himself to write these ideas down before they vanish. (Source)


Self-Defense Wig

This one’s especially for the ladies or anyone who feels unsafe walking alone in the night. And you wish you had something to your rescue – a taser, a pepper spray or a mace perhaps. His self-defense wig can protect you from any potential attackers as long as you have disguised yourself by wearing this wig.

According the patent JP2007285622, the wig could be used like a mace and swung at the attacker. This one has the potential of going down in the best books of the James Bond Series.


Pyon Pyon Flying Shoes

This by far has to be the most fun invention by Nakamatsu. These shoes could let you hop across distances with the greatest of ease. You could tell how fun they are by looking at the thrill on the good doctor’s face in the image below.


It looks like a lot of fun, and it can be yours for the low, low price of $180 on Dr. NakaMats’ site. At $180, it’s worth a steal! Here’s the patent that these shoes are based on – (JP03195503)


Golf Putter

Dr. Nakamats himself proclaims that he’s not good at golf. But unlike others who would practice for hours just to hone their skills, he did what he does best: invented a solution. He invented a golf putter (JP52023431) with an unusual grip and a different head so as to control the direction and the speed of the ball in a much better way.

Despite the fact that Dr. NakaMats has been an independent inventor all his life and his inventions might not be the most practical, but he goes down as one of the most coolest, eccentric inventors of in my books.

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