Patent on LOL, OMW !!

So often we use LOL, OMW while chatting. isn’t !

I believe the world needs no special instructions on usage of these words. Infact, these words are very popular and well known to the chatting world and people do not need any dictionary to understand it. Earlier we use to send smilies only and now we send mixture of both smilies and LOL and now it has just became a habit to use these words. Infact, my finger types LOL before my head sends some signals to my lips.

” But can it be patentable in any form ?”

Not even my shadow of imagination has ever reached close to these words. So often i use these abbreviations  but never thought on similar line.

Well, to my surprise, USPTO has granted a similar patent to IBM in 2009. IBM filed the invention back in August 2006 and three years later in December 2009, the patent was granted and added to their portfolio.

US 7640233, teaches a very interesting method. When a sender types ‘LOL’, the machine will search this abbreviation in various databases. Once it is found, machine will return and display the full form of the abbreviation to the sender or receiver.

To me, this patent is very generic and this method might be used by some SMS or chatting service provider in future. I am completely unaware if anyone is still using the method.

Do you know anyone ?



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