US4686605 – Method for altering the earth atmosphere

I just came across with a very interesting patent and thought to share with you.

The patent, US4686605, teaches a method for altering earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. The method includes transmitting an electromagnetic radiation towards the sky at suitable frequency. This is done to excite electron cyclotron resonance frequency at about 50km height which in turns effect the movement of both charged and neutral particles. This is continued until the region reaches an electron concentration of at least 106 per cubic centimeter and 2eV as of ion energy.

It was filed way back in 1985 and was granted in year 1987. To my interest the reference includes citations from magazines and newspaper and no patent.

Irrespective of the dates, I wonder how this patent can be granted. I mean how can government allow the inventors to play with the environment which may potentially cause disaster.

To me its non patentable and should be revoked.

What you say ?

Thanks for your time !

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