Drinking Site Groggle Drops Name after Fight with Google

It sounds like a great name for a site that helps people find the best prices on alcohol in their area — Groggle. But you know who didn’t think it was such a great name? Google.

Brisbane-based startup Groggle has finally reached a settlement with Google, as a part of which the company will be known as Drinkle.

It has taken six months to get it all sorted out, but Groggle founder Cameron Collie says that he has reached a settlement with the search giant. The negotiations followed the receipt of a demand letter from Google (the search company) by Groogle (the drinks company) saying that the latter must immediately stop doing business under its own name and render all of its domain names to the former.

At the end of all this, Collie said “The site will be exactly as it was before but just with a new brand name. It’s the same typeface with a ‘d’ instead of a ‘g’.  Collie also reports that he retains the domain names for a short period in order to redirect consumers to the new site name.

Drinkle has had six months of publicity beside one of the world’s most valuable brands. While the company said it did not have the financial backing to fight a legal battle, it may not have got bad value out of this dispute.

Readers, what do you think? Was Google right to go after Groggle?

Reference : ipfinance.blogspot.com

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