Study done for a leading airline company to understand the operating environment and assessment of the key market players operating in the APAC region


Stellarix worked with a leading airline company operating from India to major parts of India and APAC region had a sudden fall in the shares and loss in terms of travelers who were not turning up to the airline.


Our client a leading airline company suffered a major loss as the number of customers had declined drastically. The company wanted to become the preferred carrier in the domestic segment.


  1. Extensive desk research was done to understand the market share of different airline carriers in India and APAC region.
  2. Questionnaires were designed for frequent travelers, executives of different airline carriers.
  3. Fieldwork was launched; interviews were conducted taking IR to be 80%.
  4. PEST analysis and SWOT analysis were performed to understand the different factors responsible for downfall of the carrier.
  5. Results were then analyzed.


The results were presented to the executive team of the airline carrier which helped them to boost their business and in a little more than a year to again regain its lost position.

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