Scenario planning for starting up new segment in company


Stellarix worked with a leading global FMCG firm on evaluating the way a new segment would work within their company and how would it effect the overall functioning of the organization.


The research objective was to evaluate the working and effect of new business segment.


  1. Stellarix conducted extensive desk and primary research to understand the needs and necessities of the new business segment.
  2. After a keen understanding of the new business segment Stellarix and its team decided on taking a challenging and innovative task of scenario planning so that team members can imbibe in them the habit of a new segment and thus a change in culture.
  3. 3 small groups of 5 people were created and asked to work in a simulated environment of the new segment.
  4. The groups were then merged and asked to work as a single group in a simulated environment.


The planning led to the successful launch of the new business segment of the company and now has now led to develop new strategies.

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