Case Study – Patent Landscape – crash durable adhesives



To conduct a patent landscape study on crash durable adhesives with a focus on structural adhesives and their bonding properties for an Automobiles manufacturer based out of Germany.


  1. A background search was conducted to identify companies that are working in the area of crash durable adhesives and their publications were analysed.
  2. Based on understanding developed from the above search, a patents search was carried out on Thomson Innovation and Questel Orbit consisting of keywords, class codes and top assignees.
  3. All the relevant hits were analysed to shortlist the patents that talked about structural adhesives and their properties.
  4. The relevant results are further analysed in detail to capture information like mechanisms used, physical form of the structural adhesives, substrates present, their types etc.
  5. All the relevant patents were categorized as per the taxonomy which was developed in consultation with the client.
  6. Graphical insights and business intelligence charts were prepared and presented in a separate document for the entire set of patents.
  7. Comparison studies were carried out on the current products available in the market and the product features disclosed in the patents to predict the new product features that could be commercialized in medium term.
  8. A further study was conducted to benchmark the client’s capabilities with each type of their top competitors and recommendations were provided.



The client was able to identify new and innovative structural adhesives few of which had novel bonding properties which could make their cars comparatively stiffer but with lighter metal panels keeping the weight of the vehicle on the lighter side. Client was also able to contrast their patents portfolio against their competitors and get insights on the area where they should file more patents.

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