Opportunity Analysis for Biological Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Across Multiple Countries in Middle East


Stellarix worked with an International Market Research firm discerning market opportunity, treatment algorithm and trends, existing key players in the biological rheumatoid arthritis drug market across multiple countries in middle east. The client needed insights on market needs, trends and win loss analysis on rheumatoid arthritis drug, before launching its new products.


The research objective was to conduct market access research, analyze treatment algorithm depending on patient profiling, competitive analysis of drugs and therapies available for rheumatoid arthritis, identifying target population and change in treatment trends


  1. Stellarix, conducted extensive primary and desk based research to understand how patient profile affects the treatment algorithm and drugs and therapies (Steroids/NSAIDs/DMARDs/Biologic agents)
  2. Numerous healthcare experts and associates from different geographies were interviewed to probe the treatment pattern and shelf life of treatment setups, ccompetitive analysis of new product with existing biologic agent and therapies in terms of switching in next three years.
  3. Stellarix also performed an extensive win loss analysis by interviewing patients and physicians to understand the need and shortfall in the existing drugs and what are the opportunity areas in which our client can work.
  4. On the basis of this data the profile of the drug to be launched and existing drugs comparison chart was prepared and win loss analysis of drug to be launched was performed.


The final findings assisted client in understanding the existing opportunity and market access of new product and mapping it’s usage pattern and future requirements.

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