Market Landscape of Newly Launched Multiple Sclerosis Drug in Europe


Stellarix worked with a leading healthcare consulting firm on identifying the prevalent key brands, competitive assessment, and pipeline evaluation of a newly launched drug for multiple sclerosis in Europe


The research objective was to compare business and operation metrics with the existing key players of multiple sclerosis in European market and probe potential financial multiple sclerosis drug market in Europe


  1. Extensive desk research was done to identify the prevalent prescription pattern and fabricate a questionnaire to get the insights of treatment algorithm.
  2. Different neurologists and renowned members of multiple sclerosis advocacy groups were interviewed to map market trends, evaluating prevalent brands.
  3. Identified the key factors that will affect the multiple sclerosis drug market in Europe


The final research findings enabled client’s client to understand the existing and emerging market opportunity of target brand and to strategize penetration and growth of its brand in future

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