Market Assessment for launching of Laser Trimming System in APAC region


Stellarix worked with an Electronics company to understand the APAC market size and opportunity areas for a Laser Trimming System.


Our client an electronic equipment manufacturer was keen to understand the APAC market size. Client was even interested in knowing equipment users and were they using laser trimming devices or any other alternate technologies.


  1. Extensive on line resources search was conducted to identify the market size. Opinion leaders were contacted to understand the market better.
  2. A detailed questionnaire was designed and fieldwork launched in multiple geographies in APAC region
  3. Telephonic interviews were conducted to understand the market size, market trends and opportunity areas.
  4. The raw data collected was analyzed carefully.


The final result after analysis was presented to the client which helped client to identify major investment areas and also helped in successful launching of the product.

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