Identifying the usage, monthly consumption and dishes on which mayonnaise is used in APAC Countries


Stellarix worked with a global consulting firm to understand the use of mayonnaise in different dishes served in APAC region.


The end client wanted to understand the different dishes in which mayonnaise is used so that any modification can be made to the flavor or mayonnaise can be custom made for any region according to the need.


  1. Stellarix, performed extensive desk research to understand the current market size of mayonnaise in APAC countries.
  2. Questionnaire received was programmed and hosted so that the link can go live.
  3. Sample size was decided with an IR of 80%.
  4. Sample set was released and responses recorded.
  5. The results were delivered in the form of excel sheet.


Our client the global consulting firm on the basis of the results that Stellarix had send, prepared a detailed report and presented it to the end client.

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