Focus group with affluent men who purchase high end gadgets were conducted to assess one of the high end mobile phone and its specifications in EU5 countries


Stellarix worked with a leading mobile phone manufacturer to understand the mobile specifications like apps, hardware and interface feedback and what can be done in their upcoming model including the design of the bar handset.


Our client was keen to understand the perception of mobile users on how the product should look like in terms of design, mobile applications that are often used, hardware requirements for best experience and interface.


  1. Extensive desk research was conducted to understand different interfaces, designs, mobile applications that are user friendly.
  2. Discussion guide was designed carefully so that mobile critics can be engaged in the discussion.
  3. 3 hours long discussion was held with a group of 5 mobile critics each in 3 different groups.
  4. All the discussions were recorded and later transcribed.
  5. The results were analyzed and presented to the client in the form of power point presentation.


The final result was fed into the future strategy for the development of new mobile phone and increasing its user friendliness.

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