Competitive Pricing and Positioning Strategy for Medical Imaging Devices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and India


Stellarix worked with a global medical technology consulting firm; conducting an extensive market research on medical imaging diagnostics across key APAC markets. The final out-turn was to be proffered to an end client who was a leading medical imaging products manufacturer.


The research objective was to conduct market research, mapping out market potential, need analysis, and identifying existing key market players for strategic planning, technology landscape, competitive prices and risk assessment for medical imaging devices


  1. Stellarix identified the market share, pricing and marketing strategy of existing players by interviewing country sales and marketing managers in medical device supplier companies
  2. Stellarix assessed the market potential for Medical Imaging Devices by interviewing KOLs, Radiologists, End Users and procurement professionals
  3. We designed three set of questionnaires as one for each KOLs, Radiologists, End Users and procurement professionals. Each questionnaire was 45-50 minutes long
  4. Telephone based surveys were conducted across Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and India
  5. Data collected was analyzed and tested for hypothesis and issue tree gap
  6. Detailed country insights report was created


The final results were delivered in a PowerPoint format and our client successfully integrated the survey findings and analysis in designing pricing and position strategy for its medical imaging products

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