Case Study – Technology Scouting – Low Calorie Chocolates


Research Brief

To conduct a technical study to identify techniques to make low calorie chocolates. The study was conducted to identify fats and sugar substitutes that can be used in confectionary items and to find processing techniques that could lead to an overall reduction in the calorie content of the chocolate.


A major European chocolates manufacturer

What Stellarix did

  1. A thorough search was conducted on scientific publications databases like Scifinder, Science Direct, Scopus etc. to identify sugar and fats substitutes that are effective in reducing the overall calorie content of the chocolate if used in the composition.
  2. A detailed patent search was carried out on Questel Orbit to identify sugar and fats substitutes to be used with chocolates.
  3. All patents hits were analyzed to shortlist the patents relevant to technology domain.
  4. All shortlisted patents were further analyzed in greater detail to capture information like the names of substitutes, their recommended usage as per the patents and the end products they could be used for.
  5. All the relevant patents were categorized as per the taxonomy which was developed in consultation with the client.
  6. A database was prepared with the list of all identified substitutes.
  7. The top substitutes from the database were further analyzed to capture information like recommended daily intake limits, any adverse health effects, FDA or any other regulatory aspects related to usage of these ingredients.
  8. A second patents search was carried out focussing on the processing techniques that could result in an overall lower calorie chocolate.
  9. All relevant patents were captured, analyzed and presented while extracting information related to the details of the processing techniques and additives used therewith.
  10. Insights were presented about the entire patents set related to the disclosed information in the patents.
  11. Recommendations were provided to the client related to the best sugar and fats substitutes and the best processing techniques that they could use.
  12. Further study was conducted to identify key suppliers of some of the top substitutes that were of interest to the client.

How the client used the study

The client was able to identify certain sugar and fats substitutes that they intend to use. They also got insights on processing techniques that could reduce the calorie content of the chocolates that they manufacture.

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