Case Study – Structure Search – N-substituted Quinoline Derivative


Research Brief

To conduct a chemical structure search for an N-substituted quinoline derivative.


A US based specialty chemicals manufacturer.

What Stellarix did

  1. A basic understanding of the structure was developed. Based on the understanding of the structure, the backbone of the structure was identified and a structure query was created.
  2. A preliminary search was conducted in various patent databases available at STN to see the kind of results returned.
  3. Based on our understanding from the preliminary search, a full search was conducted on CAS, REGISTRY and MARPAT.
  4. The search results were filtered in order to eliminate all the non-related references.
  5. The set of patents were analyzed in detail to shortlist the patents most closely related to the structure.
  6. The details and the relevant structure and text of the references that were related to the structure were presented in a report.

How the client used the study

The client received a comprehensive list of patents disclosing the structure which were similar to the structure of the derivative being searched for.

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