Case Study – State of the Art – Vigabatrin


Research Brief

To conduct a State of the art study on vigabatrin to identify its different modes of administration and the impact they have on the efficacy of the drug.


A pharmaceutical company based out of Germany.

What Stellarix did

  1. A thorough understanding of drug’s background is done regarding its composition, MOA, side effects and applications.
  2. Based on understanding about the drug, search strings are prepared and the search is run on STN. The search is primarily run on REGISTRY and MARPAT.
  3. All the retrieved results are analysed to shortlist all the relevant patents.
  4. The relevant results are further analysed in detail. Forward and backward references of all the relevant patents is extracted and analysed as well.
  5. All the relevant patents are categorised on different technology and application based levels.
  6. Graphical insights and business intelligence charts were prepared and presented in a separate document for the entire set of patents.
  7. A further study on clinical trials is conducted to check the potency of Vigabatrin through different modes of administration.


How the client used it

The client was able to identify the various routes of administration for Vigabatrin. The clinical data along with the FDA approval details helped the client take R&D decisions for identifying novel MOAs for the drug.

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