Case Study – Patent Landscape – Home Security Automation


Research Brief

To conduct a patents landscape study to shortlist all patents related to automation of home security systems.


A US electronic equipments manufacturer

What Stellarix did

  1. A detailed patents search was conducted on Thomson Innovation consisting of keywords, class codes and assignee-inventor searches for worldwide jurisdictions without any date restrictions.
  2. All patents hits were analyzed manually to shortlist the patents relevant to technology domain.
  3. All shortlisted patents were further analyzed in greater detail to capture information like safety management features, monitoring technologies, alerting technologies, notification types and processes etc. and to categorize the patents according to a taxonomy which was developed in conjunction with the client.
  4. A patents strength analysis was conducted using Stellarix’s proprietary algorithm to identify the best patents out of all the relevant ones.
  5. A business research was conducted to understand the market players, their products, revenues and current market share, mergers and acquisitions and products features that could get commercialized in near future.
  6. Separate research was done to identify universities working in the technical area and to identify the key technologies that they are developing.
  7. A comparison study was conducted to benchmark the client’s IP against that of their top competitors.
  8. A white space analysis was carried out to identify gap areas where patents could be filed to build position in the technical space.
  9. Analysis was conducted to identify potential technology partners and in-licensing targets.
  10. Insights were presented about the entire patents set related to the disclosed information in the patents as well as related to the key companies working in the space.
  11. Recommendations were provided to the client related to development of new IP in the area and identification of technology partners.

How the client used the study

The client got valuable information about the key market players, their IP, future products, technology trends and was able to identify some partners for collaboration in the research efforts.

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