Case Study – Patent Landscape – Graphene Coating



To conduct a patent landscape study with a focus on graphene coating applications on metallic substrate using various coating deposition techniques for an advanced semiconductors company based out of US


  1. A thorough understanding of technology is developed to understand different application areas and sub segments of the technology.
  2. Based on the client’s inputs and our understanding about the technology search strings are prepared with a special focus on fabrication techniques, conductivity, electric properties and performance and corrosion properties of materials.
  3. The search is run on Thomson Innovation and Questel Orbit consisting of keywords, class codes and top assignees.
  4. All the retrieved results are analysed to shortlist all the relevant patents.
  5. The relevant results are further analysed in detail to capture information like various production techniques and different application areas such as microelectronics, sensors, displays etc.
  6. All the relevant patents are categorised as per the taxonomy which was developed during the initial consultation with the client.
  7. Graphical insights for the entire set of patents are presented in separate document.
  8. Recommendations were provided to the client for various deposition techniques and the best coating applications on a metallic substrate
  9. A competitors’ analysis is done to portray how client’s technology stack up against its competitors.



The client was able to identify the various techniques used for coating graphene to various metallic substrates. The client got to learn fair deal about the its competitors IP.

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