Case Study – Novelty – Ingredient in Pet Foods


Research Brief

To conduct a patentability search for use of a “specific ingredient” in pet foods


A global pets food manufacturer based out of USA

What Stellarix did

  1. Developed an understanding about the invention by an active discussion with the client and his research team
  2. Key features and search approach were framed to cover both patent and non-patent literature
  3. A global patent literature search covered USPTO, EPO, JPO, German Patent Office and INPADOC
  4. Non-patent literature searches were run on Scirus, Science Direct, PubMed, Google Scholar etc.
  5. The patent searches involved the use of keywords, IPC classes, assignee and inventor name, citations whereas the non-patent searches involved the product based methods
  6. All non relevant references were filtered out and the relevant set of results was analysed in detail to shortlist patents most closely related to the use of the “specific ingredient” used in dog food.
  7. Detailed report containing relevant results was sent to the client.

How the client used it

The client received a list of patents and non patent references that spoke closely about the use of “specific ingredient” in pet foods. Client was able to implement changes to its invention before filing a patent for it.

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