Case Study – Invalidation – Blu ray Disk


Search Brief

To conduct a search and find references relevant to the subject patent USXXXXXXXX which talks about data storage on a blu ray disk in general


A consumer electronics company based out of Japan

What Stellarix did

Concept Development

The patent was segregated into concepts and keywords and IPC related to each concept were used to searching relevant documents. Figures and corresponding text was analyzed to judge the relevancy of the results

Search Focus

As the search resulted in patents assigned to companies based out of Japan and Germany, a focused IPC/ECLA and F-term search was conducted without the use of the keywords. This helped in identifying relevant results in languages other than English.

Assignee Search

Patents search of a select set of competitor in this domain was also conducted.

Citation Analysis

Citation analysis of relevant documents identified during search is carried out. This made sure that relevant results are not missed by any chance.

How the client used it

The client was able to find out all the patent and non patent references that could possibly be invalidating USXXXXXXXX

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