Case Study – Infringement – Standards Mapping


Objective: To find all the standards that the subject patent is mapping to and then prepare a claim chart for the mapping for a Technology in-licensing office of a European company


A thorough understanding of the patent and the underlying technology was developed.

The independent claims of the patent were considered for conducting a search.

Based on our understanding, and a general internet search, the analysts were able to identify 1 standard that the patent was mapping to.

Each independent claim was broken down in to sub clauses. Each sub clause was mapped with the language of the standard that it corresponded to.

The relevant texts from the standard were quoted and highlighted with hyperlinks to the pdf copies of the standard provided for all portions of relevant text.

In each case where was mapping was construed and not direct; our analysts gave their comments on why they considered the portions to be addressing the same technology parameters.

Explanations were provided with mapping of each clause, summarizing the technology and how the patent is reading on the standard.

A score card was provided to indicate which clauses of the patent map fully, partially or do not map to the identified standard.


The client used to study to understand the value of the subject patent and could make key strategic decisions around whether the patent is important to their business and if they should acquire similar technology.

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