Case Study – Competitive Intelligence – NFC


Research Brief

To study and analyse patents in the area of near field communication and identify the major players and application areas in this technology.


A major mobile phones manufacturer

What Stellarix did

  1. A thorough understanding about the technology was developed and a preliminary search was run on various scientific publications IEEE and Engineering Village etc. to identify the recent advancements in the technology domain.
  2. Patent search was carried out on Thomson Innovation and Questel Orbit to shortlist all the patents that talk about Near Field Communication.
  3. A preliminary filtering of the initial hits is done by analysing the patents retrieved at this stage.
  4. The filtered patents are analysed in greater detail and categorised on different technological and application based aspects such as mobile phones, data transfer, payments/ transaction, hardware and other standards.
  5. Graphical insights are presented in a separate document on the basis of the taxonomy categorisation
  6. A competitors profiling is done in this area to position client’s IP vis-a-vis its competitors in the area of NFC

How the client used it

Client was able to understand the current applications of the technology as well as new areas where the technology could be used. The client was able to see the broad picture of its competitors IP and hence was able to focus its R&D and marketing decisions in the right direction.

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