Case Study – Bio-Sequence – Antigen


Research Brief

To conduct a bio-sequence search for an antigen to be coupled with a specific carrier.


A major global drugs and vaccines maker

What Stellarix did

A preliminary patents search was conducted in free databases like NCBI (US) , EMBL (European) and DDBJ (Japan) in order to develop our understanding and shortlist some representative samples.

A full patents search conducted in paid databases such as STN – DGENE, USGENE, PCTGENE and CAS registry BLAST.

Since the number of patents hits were large so we provided two sets of results a) those with a >99% identity match, and b) those with a >75% identity match.

All patents hits were manually analyzed to shortlist the patents having a good identity match.

All shortlisted patents were reported along with the location of matching sequence in the patent, query coverage, matching score, error values and the identity match percentage.

For each relevant patent, the sequence alignment in a downloadable format was also provided to the client.

How the client used the study

The client received a comprehensive list of patents disclosing the sequences which were mapping with the client’s query sequence.

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