Case Study – Patent Landscape – Breath freshening agents in Pet Foods


Research Brief

To conduct a patents landscape to identify all breath freshening agents and products that can be used in pet food which are effective when used for dogs and cats.


A major global pet’s foods manufacturer

What Stellarix did

  1. A patents search was carried out on Thomson Innovation database consisting of keywords, class codes and top assignee searches.
  2. All patents hits were analyzed to shortlist the patents relevant to technology domain.
  3. All shortlisted patents were further analyzed in greater detail to capture information like names of the breath freshening agents, the pets that they targeted, the formulations in which they could be delivered and any other additives they could be used with.
  4. All the relevant patents were categorized as per the taxonomy which was developed in consultation with the client.
  5. A database was prepared for the top disclosed breath freshening agents. Further information was collected for these agents and presented in the database like their efficacy, recommended dosage limits, shelf stability, regulatory aspects etc.
  6. Insights were presented about the entire patents set related to the disclosed information in the patents.
  7. Comparison studies were carried out on the breath freshening agents being used in the products by the top competitors of the client and the ones that the client intended to use.
  8. In the next stage a freedom to operate study was done on the three product formulations decided by the client and recommendations were provided.

How the client used the study

The client received a database of all breath freshening agents that could be useful in the case of a dog or a cat. The client was able to understand how their competitors are using breath freshening agents in their products and how they are delivering the benefit to the target pet by means of various product forms.

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